Liquid Chalk Blackboard A Boards

Code: AB -08

    Product Features:

  1. Liquid Chalk Surface: We have two types of liquid chalk surfaces:
    1. Polyester film surface:
      • High gloss polyester film.
      • Writings can be wiped with a dry cloth.
      • Minimum outdoor durability 5 years.
      • Extreme scratch resistance.
    2. Gloss black acrylic: 4.5mm thick (Suitable for frame AB-04)
  2. You can have all Blackboard Space or add your logo or graphics on the top and the bottom of the panels!

600x900mm A-Frame with Logo & Blackboard Area
Frame Style Surface Unit Price
Qty:1 Qty:2-4 Qty:5-9 Qty:10+
Code: AB-03
Vinyl Treated Surface
$229.00 $214.00 $198.00 $184.00
black-acrylic-blackboardCode:AB-05 $252.00 $239.00 $223.00 $209.00
Code: AB-04
4.5mm Thick
High Gloss Black Acrylic Surface
$264.00 $249.00 $233.00 $219.00
Lead Time 3-5 Working days

letter samples
letter samples


Insertable A Frame, 4.5mm Thick Glossy Acrylic Panel


Liquid Chalk A Board (Frame Style: AB-05, black)

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