Acrylic Letters /Perspex Letters

Acrylic, commonly known as “Perspex” or “Plexiglas". Acrylic Sheets are strong, lightweight, glass-like plastic with excellent outdoor weatherability and optical clarity.

Acrylic lettering is a great choice for displaying your corporate letterings and logos. Our acrylic letters are laser cut with polished edges, easy for installation, cut from any style selected, available in a variety of colors and thicknesses.

    Product Features:

  1. Suitable for Internal & External Use : All the letters are cut from UV resistant cast acrylic sheet.
  2. Can cut any Typeface.
  3. Polished Edges.
  4. Acrylic Letter Styles:

    Flat Cut Acrylic Letters Flat Cut Acrylic Letter With Vinyl Face Crystal Acrylic Letters
    laser-cutter-acrylic-letters acrylic-letter-with-vinyl-face laser-cutter-acrylic-letters

  5. Acrylic Sheet Colours and Thickness:

    Common Name PMS Code Acrylic
    Colour Thickness
    Clear   000   3, 4.5, 6, 10,
    12, 15, 20
    Opal   445   3, 4.5, 6,10, 20
    White (Glossy) White 402   3, 4.5, 6,10,
    12, 15, 20
    White (Matte) White 402M   3
    Black (Glossy) Black 502   3, 4.5, 6,10,
    12, 15, 20
    Black (Matte) Black 502M   3
    Deep Red 200C 136   3
    Medium Red 485C 128   3
    Tartan Green 357C 348   3
    Green 340C 347   3
    Dark Yellow 116C 235   3
    Pantone Blue 072C 327   3
    Olympic 299C 835   3
    Ultramarine 293C 322   3
    Orange 1665C 266   3
    Brown 4975 C 814   3
    Mirror Silver       3, 6
    Mirror Gold       3
    Grey 428C 504   3
    Ivory 7499C(near) 801   3
    Acrylic Color Photo acrylic-sheet-selection

    Standard acrylic sheet size: 1220x2440mm.

  6. We can paint the acrylic letters to match your logos PMS colour!
  7. Mount Styles: Flush Mount or Stand Off Mount.
  8. Installation Instruction:
    • Flush mount instruction:acrylic letter installation
    • Stand off mount instruction:acrylic letter installation
  9. Installation Services:
    • Installation service available within Melbourne area.
    • We deliver Letters nationwide, supply with sencil or template, make installation easy and quick.
  10. Quick Turnaround: Approximately 3-5 working days after artwork approval.(Excluding shipping time).
  11. FAQ
  12. NEWPeel & Stick Acrylic Letters:
    • We can make acrylic letters with clear adhesive on the back, easy to install, just Peel & Stick, no tools requied. The letters can be used interior and exterior on any smooth surface. Ideal for glass sign, door sign, office wall sign, letter box number, Counter sign etc.
    • Thickness: White and black: 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm; other colors:3mm
    • Smart-stencil supplied for DIY installation.
    • Installation Instruction: acrylic letter installation

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installation style In-house machine,unbeatable price!
installation style Quick & Easy Installation!
installation style Quick turnaround time!

Crystal Acrylic / Perspex Letters
(Red and black color acrylic face with clear acrylic back)


6mm Mirror Siver Acrylic / Perspex Letters


Reception Acrylic Panel Sign
(Logo and big letters:stand off mount; Small letters: flush mount)


10mm Clear Acrylic Panel with Crystal Acrylic Letters, Stainless Steel Mounts

acrylic directory sign

Acrylic Directory Sign


White Acrylic Letter with Vinyl Face


Crystal Acrylic Letters
(3mm black acrylic face with 10mm thick clear acrylic back)


Painted Acrylic Letters ( Satin Finish)


6mm white acrylic panel with (3+10) mm crystal acrylic letters


Black Face Crystal Logo


Crystal Acrylic Letters ( Orange Acrylic Face)


Crystal Acrylic Letters ( Face painted to corperate colour)


Reception Sign (White Crystal Acrylic Lettering)


10mm Clear Acrylic Panel with 10 mm Thick White Acrylic Letters


Acrylic Logo & letters, stand off mount style

White Acrylic Letters with Vinyl Face, Flash Mount onto Wall


Crystal Acrylic Logo & Letters Glued On White Acrylic Panel for Reception Sign


20mm Thick Glossy Black Acrylic Letters

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