Feather Banner

These feather Banners are ideal for both indoor and outdoor events. Watch the banners come alive by using one of our rotating bases, no matter what the wind; the Teardrop Banner will clearly display your company or product name.

Code: S-3

    Product Features:

  1. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
  2. Easy setup: Quick to assemble within minutes.
  3. Three sizes optional:
    Size Code Height Image Size
    Small S-3S 240Cm 208.5 X67cm
    Medium S-3M 350Cm 314 x74.5cm
    Large S-3L 480Cm 421 x79.4cm
  4. Two printing options:
    We use quality dye sublimation printing, there are two printing option:
    Single sided Printing – high quality mirror reverse image on the back.
    Double sided Printing – correct read on both sides.
  5. Material:
    • The poles are made of composite material-fiberglass, highly flexible, light weight, weather proof and durable.
    • The flag is made of 110g/m2 polyester fabric, dye sublimation printing.
  6. Easy to update graphics: it's easy to replace banners in future marketing campaigns by user.
  7. Supplied with padded nylon carry bag.

Price list:

:Flag+Pole (Single Sided Printing):
Size Code Unit Price (incl-GST)
1(Qty) 2-4(Qty) 5-9(Qty) 10-19(Qty)
Small S-3S-S $145.00 $135.00 $119.00 $108.00
Medium S-3M-S $171.00 $161.00 $145.00 $134.00
Large S-3L-S $197.00 $187.00 $171.00 $160.00

Flag+Pole (Double-sided Printing):
Size Code Unit Price (incl-GST)
1(Qty) 2-4(Qty) 5-9(Qty) 10-19(Qty)
Small S-3S-D $178.00 $168.00 $152.00 $141.00
Medium S-3M-D $204.00 $194.00 $178.00 $167.00
Large S-3L-D $230.00 $220.00 $204.00 $193.00

Base Price:
spike cross base with water bag degree spindle
Spike Cross Base with Water Bag 25 Degrees Spindle
$25.00 $48.00 $35.00

flag banners
installation style No Artwork Setup Fees!
installation style No Hidden Fees!
installation style100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
flag banners
Flag banner size

Quality chromed steel spike base with ball bearing mechanism


Full fiberglass pole,highly flexible, durable, weather proof and light weight


Quality in every detail

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