Corflute Insertable A-Frame Sandwich Board

Looking for a changeable and durable sign that's suitable for moderate wind conditions? Check out our Corflute Insertable A-Frame Sandwich Board! With a strong metal frame and the ability to change signs as often as you like, this sign is perfect for outdoor or indoor use in moderate wind conditions.

Code: AB -04

    Product Features:

  1. Strong Metal A-Frame designed for moderate wind conditions
  2. Waterproof and suitable for outdoor or indoor use
  3. Change signs as often as you like with insertable corflute panels
  4. Image size: 900x600mm
  5. Net weight: 5.5KG
  6. Frame color: Black

Note: Please be advised that this sign is not suitable for use in strong wind conditions, as it may become unstable and blow away.





Corflute A Frame with Two 5mm Corflute Inserts

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