Acrylic Sandwich Poster Holders
Perspex Sign Holders

    Product Features:

  1. The image is sandwiched between two pieces of 3mm /4.5mm acrylic panels.
  2. These acrylic panels are laser cut from cast acrylic sheet, which gives great optical clarity. All edges are polished.
  3. Supply with 4 stand off stainless steel mounts.( 25mm off the wall)
  4. Easily change your menu graphics as often as you like.
  5. Custom size available.

Price List :

Acrylic Sandwich Kits Price List
Image Size
Panel Size
Diagram Acrylic Thickness
148x210-A5 198x260 a4 size acrylic menu boards 3+3 0.38
210x297-A4 270x357 a4 size acrylic menu boards 3+3 0.49
297x420-A3 377x500 3+3 1.42
420x594-A2 500x674 3+3 2.47
594x841-A1 674x921 4.5+4.5 6.96
Package inclusion 2 acrylic panels with pre-drilled holes
+ 4 Mounts + screws & plugs
Turnaround Time 2 - 4 working days
Acrylic Color Standard Colour clear + clear
Other Options
(Same Price)
Clear + Black
Clear + Red
Clear + Blue
Note: Other sizes are available.
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Acrylic Sandwich Menu Board
(3+3 clear acrylic panel, A3 size image, four stainless steel stand off mounts; vinyl pricing on the face, easy to change)



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