Single-Sided Circular Light Box -Ø90cm

    Code: BOXC90CS

    Product Features:

    1. Frame: Extruded aluminum profile with black powder-coating.
    2. Face: 3mm thick flat opal acrylic face, 3mm aluminium composite panel backing
    3. Light source: LED modules(12V) are fixed on aluminium composite panel backing, back-lit style.
    4. Size: 90cm diameter, 10cm thick.
    5. Weight: 9.5Kg.
    6. Exterior and interior use.
    7. Ideal for Takeaways, Cafe's, Pubs, Beauty Salons, Restaurants, Pharmacy, Exhibition Display, or Retail locations.


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90cm single-sided round LED light box circular-light-box-size

90cm single-sided LED lightbox

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