Floor Graphics / Floor Decals

Floor graphics (or called Floor decals) are a great point of sale product that can greatly benefit instore promotions. Flooring graphics can be used for advertising special offers, leading customers to an area of the store and sending promotional messages.


Self-adhesive Floor graphics can be applied directly to any commercial grade floor and removed within 6 months, leaving no residue behind. The protective layer of over-laminate not only provides superior protection to the graphic beneath, but also provides a non-slip surface below your customers' feet.

The material we use for floor graphics can be removed without damaging the floor surface and without leaving an adhesive residue.


  1. Quality Printing: High resolution eco-solvent printing.
  2. Graphic Surface: Textured floor-graphics overlaminate film, gives a textured feel and prevents glare.
  3. Removable: It can be removed without leaving any adhesive residue when applied correctly applied.
  4. Size: Available up to 1350mm wide (Printable width).
  5. Easy to apply, easy to remove!


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