PVC Sign Letters

Our PVC Letters are cut from CELUKA PVC Sheet (Integral Skin PVC Foam Sheets).

Celuka sheet is a PVC-U integral foam sheet using the celuka extrusion process. It has a semi gloss, hardened outer surface that is suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

Celuka will not rot, is impact resistant and shatterproof, non toxic and chemical resistant, fire retardant and self extinguishing.

Celuka is a great substitute for Weathertex, MDF or polystyrene.

Celuka Sheet Size: 2400x1200mm.
Celuka Sheet Thickness: 10mm, 20mm, 30mm.
Celuka Sheet Colour: White & Black (only 10mm and 15mm thick)

    Product Features:

  1. Suitable for Internal & External Use.
  2. Cost effective way of making dourable 3D sign letters.
  3. Font: Our CNC router can cut any font letters and logos.
  4. Thickness :
    White: 10mm, 20mm, 30mm.
    Black: 10mm,15mm
  5. Colour: White(10mm, 20mm or 30mm thick) or black(10mm or 15mm thick), Other colours can be applied vinyl stickers on the face.
  6. Mount Styles: Flush Mount or Stand Off Mount.
  7. Installation Instruction:
    • Flush mount instruction:acrylic letter installation
  8. Turnaround: 3-5 working days (excluding shipping time)
  9. File Requirement : Vector format. More info: arrow button
  10. If you have any questions or need a free quote, please send us an E-mail.


installation style In-house machine,unbeatable price!
installation style Quick & Easy Installation!
installation style Quick turnaround time!

PVC Letter With Acrylic Face
(30mm thick Celuka PVC, 3mm thick color acrylic, 10mm white border)

20mm Thick White PVC With 3mm Acrylic Face


20mm PVC + 3mm Acrylic with Color Vinyl Face ( 10mm white borders)


30mm CELUKA PVC Letters with 2pck Paint


30mm CELUKA PVC Letters with 2pck Paint for ecosmart plumbing & drainage


30mm PVC + 3mm Acrylic Face


30mm Thick PVC Letters with Rust Finish
(The Letters will be stand off mount with LED modules on the back,back lit style)

pvc letters

White PVC Letter (20mm thick, 150mm high)


30mm Thick CELUKA PVC Flat Cut Logo & Letters, Logo and Small Letters With Vinyl Face


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